Hi Randall -
I appreciate your help in this very complicated process! You were the only one who was able to make this happen and willing to put in the work for me to prove I was able to afford this loan. Thank you so much for going above and beyond.
Thank you !

~ Teresa F



Since apparently not everyone knows this, consider this a public service announcement: If you are selling your house...move out before closing, or make arrangements before it with the buyers. The new owners have no desire to have to deal with your things in their house, having to give your realtor a key for their cleaning crew to come in because you couldn't be bothered to clean either, or your friends or ex-husband dropping by to pick things up. Also, the buyers' realtor and lender WILL go a little crazy on your realtor if that happens. Well...they will if they are the same realtor and lender we used.

~ Jennifer



Randall was excellent to work with. He made the entire process easy and efficient. Completely recommend.

~ Kristen H



It was great working with Randall. He explained everything and gave us a timeline. To our surprised, we even closed earlier than expected. Highly recommend!

~ Julia Thomas



Randall and his team are nothing short of amazing! I just purchased my first home during this extremely challenging market and the service from Randall was excellent. He was kind and attentive, taking the time to explain nuances of the mortgage process and VA Home Loan requirements. Any questions I submitted were almost always answered within the hour and the secure portal made it easy to determine what the pending action(s) were at any given time. His team is also extremely professional and prompt. I'm incredibly thankful for their expertise and support.

~ Ashley Garrido



It was great working with Randall. He explained everything and gave us a timeline. To our surprised, we even closed earlier than expected. Highly recommend!

~ Julia Thomas



 "Randall is an excellent advisor who gives strong guidance to keep your loan process efficient and on track to completion. He made our process much more expeditious than I’ve experienced previously with other lenders. He never contradicted his guidance at any point and never came back to me with additional items outside the original scope of requests. He was also immediately accessible throughout our process when needed. AAA+ in my book!"

~ Will Moore 



To them who have ears to hear, let them hear. This was our 2nd time using Randall Goltzman in the last ten years for a home loan mortgage. My husband and I were impressed the first time we used Randall Goltzman for a mortgage. And just like a good bottle of smooth wine, Randall has become even better with time, the choicest of the wine. Imagine. We were in a very difficult storm with the loan, with waves crashing on all sides of the ship. We saw lightning and heard thunder. But, Randall Goltzman, as the captain of our ship, foreknew he must endure for the good of our sake. He worked tirelessly intending on keeping us on course. We were in constant communication with him and we were never in the dark. Some people prefer to complain about storms when it's nothing but an objection to the status quo. They prefer to not "rock the boat" and complain, instead of looking forward to the promised freedom in reaching the shore - to secure the loan. Randall Goltzman knew the storm was not the solution. Rather, he was willing to get out of his comfort zone, and redouble his efforts to get out of his safety. Randall fought valiantly with the war cry as the Gladiator Goltzman: "I have no choice! Onward!" There was no room for complacency or mediocrity in Randall Goltzman. Rather Randall Goltzman focused to get out of the boat. He walks on water! We highly recommend Randall Goltzman if you are buying a home, a refinance, or home equity loan. Do not have any doubts. Randall Goltzman is the only man to use. Don't look anywhere else. Thank you!

~ Geoffrey and Cynthia Baker

My wife and I were first time homebuyers, and were recommended Randall by our realtor. He was particularly familiar with VA loans, which we were using. My entire life, 'buying a house' was described as one of the most complicated things I would ever do. Randall helped tremendously in making the process extremely streamlined, and ensuring we understood the process as we worked through it. He's also consistently checked in with us after the close to let us know about potentially great options in getting a good refi on the note. He's great.

~ Nicholas M

Randall has done an amazing job for us. When we were first using his services to buy a home, he helped us realize that we could get two homes. What a brilliant idea. It was perfect. Later, he helped us with refinancing both properties. Now, we are looking for a third home, and of course it is going to be Randall to help us with the financing.

He closed all our loans in 30 days. That is why we call Randall the magician.

Through all of this, we have come to realize that Randall service reflects the person he is. He is patient, caring, understanding and honest. We would not go anywhere else to get a loan

~ Daniel V



Randall was very attentive and made sure my loan closed on time. Him and his team made the process smooth and painless

~ Marcus B